modern political parties

What is meant by a modern political party?

A modern political party refers to a contemporary organization or group that operates within a political system and seeks to influence and participate in the political process. Political parties play a crucial role in democratic societies by mobilizing support, presenting policy platforms, and competing in elections to gain political

From Digital Bangladesh to Smart Bangladesh

Smart Bangladesh Vision 2041 is about more than a futuristic Bangladesh, more than 5G internet, more than 100% smartphone penetration, more than 100% high-speed internet penetration, and more than going cashless. Smart Bangladesh is about being inclusive, about the people, the citizens of Bangladesh. Built on the 4 pillars of Smart Citizens, Smart Government, Smart Economy, and Smart Society, it is about bridging the digital divide by innovating and scaling sustainable digital solutions that all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic background, and all businesses, regardless of their