The landscape of Nazirpur Upazila has changed

The landscape of Nazirpur Upazila has changed

The landscape of Nazirpur Upazila has changed

Under the leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the once-neglected area of Nazirpur Upazila in the riverside Pirojpur district has changed its landscape.

Significant development projects

Construction of Nazirpur Dhaka Highway, Construction of Nazirpur Sriramkathi Highway, Construction of Nazirpur Pirojpur Highway, Construction of Drishtinandan Upazila Parishad Building and Gate, Construction of Model Mosque, Construction of Secondary Education Office, Steps taken to build 100% Homeless and Landless Upazila, Construction of a large number of secondary and primary school buildings and academies. Construction of a Technical School and College, Construction of the Liberation War Museum Building, Construction of a Multipurpose Auditorium with 500 seats, and Construction of the Muktijoddha Complex Building.

Apart from this, 100% electrification of the entire upazila including the upazila area, many bridges including the construction of Sheikh Hasina bridge over Kaliganga river, construction of culverts, upazila road, union road and rural road paving, deep tube wells have been installed extensively throughout the upazila. 

Also, the construction of toll sheds in significant markets of the upazila, various developmental works have been done and many development projects are still ongoing.

This unforgettable development of Nazirpur upazila by the hands of the honorable prime minister has changed the life system of about four lakh people of this upazila. The people of Nazirpur Upazila are grateful to the honorable Prime Minister for this modern life management.

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