Popular singer Imran got married

singer Imran Mahmudul

singer Imran Mahmudul

Today, on Wednesday, his wedding took place in a family ceremony. The bride's name is Meher Ayat Jerin. 

Imran himself announced the happy news of his wedding on his Facebook page. Along with the wedding announcement, he posted several pictures with his wife in wedding attire and requested prayers.

In his Facebook status, singer Imran Mahmudul wrote, "Please pray for us so that we can share the joys and sorrows of life together, supporting each other from beside, throughout our journey."

Regarding the wedding, Imran Mahmudul wrote, "Marriage is an extremely important part of a person's life. By the boundless grace of Allah, today (May 24), I and my wife Meher Ayat Jerin have started this new chapter of our lives. It was a family arrangement for our wedding, so it was a small and intimate affair."

He also mentioned that they will organize a grand reception ceremony in a larger venue in November and invite dedicated people from the music and film industry to the event.

Imran Mahmudul started his music career in 2008 through the Channel I Sera Kontho competition. Since then, he has worked as a solo singer and music director. 

He has gained popularity with his melodious voice and has received several awards, including the National Film Awards.

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