vote analysis of the 480 centers in Gazipur City

Minister M. Zahid Ahsan Russel, Ajmat Ullah Khan, MP Meher Afroze Chumki

Minister M. Zahid Ahsan Russel, Ajmat Ullah Khan, MP Meher Afroze Chumki

Following various calculations, discussions, and speculations, the mayoral candidate of Awami League, Jaida Khatun, has won with a smile in the Gazipur City Corporation election. On the contrary, there are discussions regarding the defeat of the independent candidate. 

Amidst the analysis and discussions, the internal conflicts of the Awami League, party divisions, and the role of the supporters of the BNP alongside their overconfidence have emerged.

People from different areas of Gazipur, along with leaders and workers of Awami League and opposition parties, are discussing the various reasons behind the defeat of the mayoral candidate of Awami League, Azmat Ullah.

In the Gazipur-2 constituency, Member of Parliament and Youth and Sports Minister M. Zahid Ahsan Russel, and in the Gazipur-5 constituency, Member of Parliament Meher Afroze Chumki, have lost their seats. However, there is a significant lead in the Tongi area. The image depicts the analysis of the results from the 480 centers of Gazipur City Corporation.

The former mayor of Gazipur City, Awami League's expelled leader Jahangir Alam, achieved significant importance due to his mother, Jaida Khatun's victory and her personal charisma. Going against the party's decision, he made an individual decision in this election. He elected his wife as the mayor of the city.

The high rate of boat sinking in the area of influential ministers and MPs has raised significant questions. The issue of party conflicts in that area has also come to the forefront.

Analysis of the election results in the Gazipur-2 constituency reveals that Ajmat Ullah Khan received the majority of votes in the Tangi East and West Thanas (wards 43 to 57) and Gacha Thana (wards 32-38) areas. He also faced significant competition from Jaeda Khatun. In these areas, out of 163 centers, Ajmat Ullah Khan secured 73,784 votes, while Jaeda Khatun received 20,143 votes.

In the Gazipur City Corporation, four wards ranging from 39 to 42 fall within the boundaries of the Gazipur-3 constituency. The Member of Parliament for this constituency is Meher Afroze Chumki. Among the 32 voting centers in these wards, Jaeda Khatun received the majority of votes, while Ajmat Ullah Khan obtained fewer votes. Jaeda Khatun secured 20,143 votes, whereas Ajmat Ullah Khan received 15,504 votes.

In addition, the Gazipur-1 constituency includes wards 1 to 18 of the City Corporation. The Member of Parliament for this constituency is Liberation War Affairs Minister A. K. M. Mozammel Haque. In these wards, which have 132 centers, both primary candidates received almost an equal number of votes. 

Among these areas, 64,686 votes were cast for the boat symbol (Ajmat Ullah Khan), while 58,613 votes were cast for the table clock symbol (Jaeda Khatun).

Efforts were made to communicate with influential figures in the areas where fewer votes were obtained. However, their statements could not be obtained. The Gazipur Awami League does not have a complete committee. Similarly, the Awami League does not have a committee in Tangi either. Fazlul Haque, the former committee chairman, said, "We might have made some mistakes in the election. That's why the results turned out this way. Although we did well in Tangi, we could not perform well in other areas."

Jaeda Khatun, along with the BNP-Jamaat and other opposition parties, obtained the majority of votes in Gazipur City. Additionally, the Sadar Upazila in Gazipur has 810,000 voters. There is no presence of Ajmat Ullah Khan in these areas. On the other hand, Jahangir Alam, the independent candidate, maintains regular communication in these areas. While serving as the mayor, he spent most of his time in the Sadar area.

On the other hand, Ataulah Mandal, the convenor of the boat symbol candidate's election management committee in Gazipur City, and the general editor of the Awami League said, "Many members of the party have worked openly for the boat symbol, while secretly supporting independent candidates. In addition, votes from the opposing party have also gone to the independent candidate's box. 

Due to various reasons, we have faced defeat here. However, we will investigate and find out the main reasons behind the defeat."

On Friday morning, at his own residence in Tongi, while speaking with journalists, the independent candidate for the boat symbol, Ajmat Ullah Khan, said, "Since I was a party candidate, the party members will analyze and identify the reasons for the defeat in the election. Some party leaders and workers have conspired against me. Surely, the party will take measures regarding this matter."

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