BNP won 11 councilors including Jahangir's ward

Gazipur City Corporation elections

Gazipur City Corporation elections

Ignoring the party's decision, 29 local leaders and activists of the BNP competed as councilor candidates in the Gazipur City elections. Soon after becoming candidates, they were all expelled from the party for life. However, despite not having the party's support, 11 expelled leaders from the BNP were elected as councilors in the election. Among them, 10 were elected as councilors in general wards, and one was elected as a councilor from the reserved women's ward.

Such election results have sparked various discussions at the local level. Many local politicians believe that it is due to personal popularity and the support of silent BNP voters that these 11 individuals emerged victorious.

Gazipur City Corporation has a total of 57 general wards and 19 reserved women's wards.

In the previous elections of Gazipur City Corporation, the BNP participated and won the contest. At that time, seven BNP-supported councilors were elected in the general wards, and one BNP-supported councilor emerged victorious from the reserved women's ward. In the recently held Gazipur City Corporation elections, a total of 11 expelled leaders from the BNP were elected as councilors in 11 wards (including the reserved wards), among whom eight were also councilors in the previous term."

The BNP has decided not to participate in any election under the current government. Despite not receiving party support, the local leaders and activists of the BNP consider the election of 11 councilors as a 'very good' outcome, them.

On the other hand, Awami League leaders and activists have emerged victorious in 47 wards as councilors. However, in the 2018 Gazipur City elections, Awami League candidates won in 50 out of 57 wards as councilors. Although Awami League did not provide party support to councilor candidates this time.

Jayeda Khatoon, the newly elected mayor of Gazipur, and her son Jahangir Alam, the former mayor, were voters in Ward 30. Anwar Hossain, a member of Gazipur Sadar Thana BNP, was elected as a councilor in that ward. On Friday night, she told the media, 'I don't hold any significant position in the party. I don't think about expulsion. The people of the area have loved and supported me.' She defeated her nearest opponent by more than 300 votes.

Ajmat Ulla Khan, who ran as an Awami League mayoral candidate, was defeated in Ward 57 of the city. Giash Uddin Sarkar was elected as a councilor in his ward. He is a former general editor of the ward Awami League.

Despite the absence of BNP candidates, the Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League Farewell Committee member Abdul Hadi told the media about improving the expelled leaders of the party (BNP) in the councilor position. 

He said, 'There was no consideration for BNP councilor candidates. Those who defeated the Awami League mayoral candidate have supported and voted for them.'

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