Sumna is a boy from a girl, with happy parents

class 10 student named Sumna Akhter

class 10 student named Sumna Akhter

In Gaibandha's Saghata Upazila, a class 10 student named Sumna Akhter has suddenly transformed from a girl to a boy. Sumana's parents are very happy. See the crowd of people.

When this news spread on Saturday (May 27) afternoon, curiosity arose among the locals. They flock from far and wide to catch a glimpse of Sumana transformed into a boy. The incident took place in Jhara Barsha village of Ghuridah union of the upazila. Sumna, who transformed into a boy, is the child of Saidur Rahman and Lovely Begum of that village.

After investigation, it is known that Sumna Akhter noticed a change in her physical condition for some time. Although the matter of transformation from a girl to a boy has been a secret for a long time, today it is known. After that, there was a commotion in the area. Many people flock to the house to catch a glimpse of Sumana.

Relatives said that Sumna's parents have three daughters. They have no sons. They cried a lot to Allah for a son. At one stage last Tuesday (May 23), Sumana suddenly told her grandmother about her physical changes. He didn't even go to school that day. 
Although the matter was kept secret for a few days, it became known today, as a result of which people are flocking to the house.

Sumna Akhter said, I suddenly saw a change in my physical condition last night of May 22. In short, I became a man. Later I informed my grandmother about this. I showed him because he didn't believe me.

Sumna's grandmother Daulatunnesha Bewa said, "My granddaughter told me about her physical changes a few days ago. Later I myself saw this change in him.

Sumna's mother Lovely Begum said that Sumna is the eldest among the three girls. After learning about the gender change from her grandmother, I didn't believe it at first, but later I was forced to believe it.

Sumna's father Saidur Rahman said, 'My daughter has been transformed into a boy by the will of the creator. We are very happy with it. I had no son. So Allah made a girl a boy.

He also said, but still, Sumna's name or outer dress has not been changed yet.

Saghata Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Arifuzzaman said, sometimes there are cases of conversion from boy to girl and girl to boy. It is usually caused by hormonal changes. In the case of Sumana, it seems prima facie that something like that happened. Details will be known in the experiment.

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