Bangladesh is ahead of Saudi-United States in peace

Global Peace Index (GPI)

Global Peace Index (GPI)

Bangladesh, often hailed as an emerging economic force, has remarkably outpaced global giants like Saudi Arabia and the United States in terms of peace. This revelation comes from the 2024 Global Peace Index (GPI) published by the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace. The GPI evaluates 163 countries based on social security, militarization, and ongoing internal and international conflicts.

According to the latest rankings, Bangladesh occupies the 93rd position with a score of 2.126, indicating a higher level of peace compared to many powerful nations. In contrast, the United States stands at 132nd place with a score of 2.622, while Saudi Arabia trails behind Bangladesh by nine positions. Within South Asia, Bangladesh is ahead of its influential neighbors India and Pakistan, which rank 116th and 140th respectively.

Comparative Analysis: Bangladesh vs. Other Nations

The GPI utilizes 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from reputable sources to measure peace across three main areas:

  1. Social Safety and Security
  2. Ongoing Internal and International Conflicts

Bangladesh scores as follows

  1. Ongoing Internal and International Conflicts: 2.515
  2. Social Safety and Security: 2.322
  3. Militarization: 1.506

These scores collectively place Bangladesh third among South Asian nations in terms of peace, surpassing Sri Lanka (110th), India (116th), and Afghanistan. Bhutan leads the region, holding the 21st position globally, maintaining its status as the most peaceful South Asian country since 2011. Nepal follows as the second most peaceful in the region, ranking 81st globally.

Global Peace Leaders and Laggers
Globally, the top five most peaceful countries are

  1. Singapore
  2. Iceland
  3. Norway
  4. Switzerland
  5. Finland

Conversely, the least peaceful countries are

  1. Ukraine (159th)
  2. Afghanistan (160th)
  3. South Sudan (161st)
  4. Sudan (162nd)
  5. Yemen (163rd)

Implications and Future Prospects

Bangladesh's improved standing in the GPI underscores its progress in maintaining social security, reducing conflicts, and limiting militarization despite economic and developmental challenges. This achievement highlights the country's commitment to fostering a peaceful society and can serve as a model for other nations striving for stability.

In conclusion, Bangladesh's advancement in the Global Peace Index reflects its substantial efforts in ensuring peace and security, setting a positive example in both regional and global contexts. The nation's success in this domain may pave the way for further socio-economic development and international cooperation.


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