Closure of Tourist Centres in Sylhet Due to Severe Flooding

Tourist center closed

Tourist center closed

Sylhet, June 18, 2024 - All tourist centres in Sylhet have been declared closed from today until further notice due to the worsening flood situation in the district. The decision was taken by the district administration in response to the relentless rainfall and upstream water surges that have caused significant flooding across the region.

Administration's Directive

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) of Sylhet, Mohammad Mobarak Hossain, announced the closure, stating that Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNO) have been instructed to shut down all tourist spots in the interest of public safety. This precautionary measure aims to protect lives and property as the floodwaters continue to rise.

Previous Closures

This is the second time within a month that Sylhet’s tourist attractions have been closed due to flooding. Initially, tourist centres were shut down on May 30 when floods first struck the region. They were reopened on June 7 following an improvement in the flood situation. However, with the latest surge in water levels, the administration has been compelled to reinstate the closure.

Current Flood Situation

The flood situation in Sylhet has deteriorated significantly over the past few days. Heavy rainfall and water flow from upstream have caused rivers in the district to rise rapidly, submerging large areas. According to the Sylhet Water Development Board, as of 9:00 am on Monday, the water levels at several points have exceeded the danger levels:

Surma River

Kanaighat point: 133 cm above the danger level
Sylhet point: 22 cm above the danger level

Kushiyara River

Amolshid point: 15 cm above the danger level
Fenchuganj point: 79 cm above the danger level

Sari River

Sarighat point: 35 cm above the danger level
Sari-Gowainghat River: 16 cm above the danger level

All these rivers continue to rise, posing an increased threat to the surrounding areas.

Impact on Tourist Areas

Goainghat UNO Md. Tauhidul Islam reported that the flood situation in his upazila has worsened due to five consecutive days of heavy rain and upstream water flow. The rivers Piain, Sari, and Goain, which flow within the upazila, have all crossed their danger levels. Consequently, popular tourist spots such as Jaflong, Bichhnakandi, Ratargul, and Panthumai have been flooded, necessitating their closure.

The administration has taken this step to ensure public safety and prevent potential accidents. Tourists are advised to avoid traveling to these areas until the situation improves and the tourist centres are officially reopened.

The Sylhet district administration continues to monitor the flood situation closely. Further instructions regarding the reopening of tourist centres will be provided once the water levels recede and safety can be assured. The priority remains the protection of lives and properties in the affected regions.

For further updates, please stay tuned to official announcements from the Sylhet district administration.


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