7.72 Lakh Children Affected by Sylhet Floods: UNICEF

UNICEF representative in Bangladesh

UNICEF representative in Bangladesh

Dhaka, June 21, 2024 — UNICEF is deeply concerned about the severe flood situation in the northeastern region of Bangladesh, as stated by Mr. Sheldon Yett, the UNICEF representative in Bangladesh. The sudden and devastating floods have already affected over two million people, including more than 772,000 children who are in urgent need of assistance.

Children at High Risk

Mr. Yett emphasized that children are the most vulnerable during such calamities. They face heightened risks of drowning, malnutrition, and serious waterborne diseases. Additionally, the fear of displacement and the threat of exploitation in overcrowded shelters exacerbate their plight.

"Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of children," said Mr. Yett. In collaboration with the Bangladesh government and various field partners, UNICEF has been actively distributing safe water and emergency supplies to those affected.

Relief Efforts Underway

In the past five days, UNICEF has distributed safe drinking water to nearly 100,000 flood-affected individuals. Over 3,000 10-liter water containers have been provided, and additional emergency supplies are being dispatched from various warehouses to meet the growing needs.

Impact on Education and Healthcare

The floods have severely impacted educational and healthcare facilities in the region. According to Mr. Yett, 810 government primary schools in the Sylhet division have been submerged, and 500 primary schools are currently being used as shelters. Furthermore, about 140 community clinics have been affected by the rising waters, hampering access to essential health services.

Support for Children

UNICEF's child protection social workers are on the ground, offering advice and necessary support to help children cope with the potential harms and trauma during this difficult time.

Worsening Situation Predicted

The situation remains critical as water levels in the rivers of the Sylhet region are flowing at dangerous heights. The forecast suggests that conditions could worsen over the next 24 to 48 hours, necessitating continued vigilance and support.

UNICEF's efforts are focused on mitigating the impact of the floods on children and ensuring their safety and well-being. The organization calls for immediate and sustained support to address the urgent needs of the affected populations and to prepare for potential further deterioration of the situation.

For more information and to support UNICEF's efforts, please visit their official website.

This report aims to highlight the critical issues faced by the flood-affected regions in northeastern Bangladesh and the ongoing efforts by UNICEF to address these challenges.


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