BPSA Urges Caution in Reporting on Police

Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA)

Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA)

Dhaka, June 21, 2024 — The Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA) has criticized recent media coverage concerning former and current members of the Bangladesh Police, labeling the reports as 'exaggerated'. In a circular issued on Friday, the BPSA claimed that both traditional media (print and electronic) and social media have been publishing partial, objective, and fake reports about the police force.

Call for Journalistic Integrity

The BPSA urged journalists to exercise greater caution and adhere strictly to journalistic ethics when reporting on police matters. The organization emphasized the importance of accuracy and fairness in media reporting to prevent the dissemination of misleading information.

Achievements and Criticisms

The circular highlighted the police force's success in combating anti-independence communal forces and thwarting the activities of anti-democracy and anti-national groups, including vandalism, arson, bombings, and petrol bomb attacks. The BPSA attributed the negative criticism from these groups as a reaction to the police's effective measures against their subversive activities.

Allegations of Defamation

According to the BPSA, certain freedom and anti-national groups, along with their supporters and cyber-terrorists operating from abroad, are continuously spreading false and exaggerated information on social media platforms to malign the reputation of police officers. The circular also accused some media outlets of following this trend by publishing deliberately defamatory news about the police.

Questioning Media Motives

The BPSA raised concerns about the motivations behind such media reports, questioning whose objectives are being served by the dissemination of what it describes as slanderous information against the police force.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The circular reiterated the Bangladesh Police's commitment to a 'Zero Tolerance' policy against corruption. It assured the public that any police officer found guilty of corruption faces departmental and legal actions without exemption.


The BPSA's statement underscores the need for responsible journalism and highlights the challenges faced by the police in maintaining public trust while combating misinformation. The association's call for adherence to ethical reporting standards aims to ensure a fair and accurate portrayal of the police force's activities and achievements.

For further details, please refer to the official circular released by the Bangladesh Police Service Association.

This report aims to provide a balanced view of the BPSA's response to recent media reports, emphasizing the association's call for journalistic integrity and highlighting the police force's commitment to ethical standards.


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