BFUJ and DUJ Concerns Over BPSA Statement 

BFUJ and DUJ Concerns Over BPSA Statement 

BFUJ and DUJ Concerns Over BPSA Statement 

The Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and the Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) have raised serious concerns regarding a statement issued by the Police Service Association in response to recent media reports highlighting corruption among former and current members of the Bangladesh Police.

Key Concerns Raised

1. Response to Media Reports on Corruption

On Saturday, BFUJ President Omar Farooq, Secretary General Dip Azad, DUJ President Sohel Haider Chowdhury, and General Secretary Aktar Hossain issued a statement addressing the controversy. They emphasized that the media has recently published verified information about the unusual accumulation of wealth by certain influential current and former government officials.

2. Threats to Independent Journalism

The journalist leaders expressed alarm over the reactions of some leaders and organizations to these media reports, suggesting that such responses pose a threat to independent journalism. They underscored the role of responsible journalists in publishing only verifiable facts, stressing that their work is not driven by any ulterior motives.

3. The Role of Journalists

The statement clarified that journalists rely on information from government statements, commentaries, published data on websites, and press conferences to create news. However, their primary duty is to uncover information that powerful entities attempt to keep hidden and to present this information to the public professionally and accurately.

4. Accountability and Verification

BFUJ and DUJ emphasized the importance of accountability. They stated that it is the responsibility of those publishing the news to verify the accuracy of their reports. Conversely, those implicated in the reports should prove the information incorrect if it is false. They called for the government and relevant authorities to investigate the published information and ensure that justice is served, rather than engaging in mutual blame.

5. Support for Freedom of Expression

The joint statement reaffirmed the journalist community's commitment to their professional duties despite threats and intimidation. BFUJ and DUJ urged all concerned parties to avoid making statements that could undermine the environment of independent journalism. They reminded everyone that the right to freedom of expression and independent journalism is enshrined in the Constitution.

The concerns expressed by BFUJ and DUJ highlight the critical role of the media in maintaining transparency and accountability within the government and other powerful sectors. Their call for responsible journalism, proper verification of facts, and respect for freedom of expression underscores the essential principles that support a free and independent press.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the concerns raised by BFUJ and DUJ regarding the Police Service Association's response to media reports on corruption, emphasizing the importance of supporting independent journalism and ensuring accountability.


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