Destructive politics must be stopped

Minister Dr. Muhammad Hasan Mahmud

Minister Dr. Muhammad Hasan Mahmud

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, emphasized today the urgent need to put an end to the destructive politics of arson attacks on public transports, incidents of killing people, and the cutting off of rail lines.

Dr. Mahmud raised concerns over the recent incident of a rail line being cut in Gazipur, resulting in the derailment of a moving train. Expressing bewilderment at the nature of such politics, he condemned the consequences, including the tragic death of an innocent man and injuries to 50 others, along with substantial damage to the rail line. During a discussion with reporters at his office in the secretariat, he underscored the rejection of such actions by the public.

Despite the rejection of their so-called blockade by the people, Dr. Mahmud highlighted that miscreants persist in torching public transport and causing damage to valuable properties. He urged everyone to speak out against this destructive politics, emphasizing the need to halt it permanently. The minister pointed out that around 350 public transports had been set ablaze, resulting in seven fatalities, and stressed the importance of collective opposition to such damaging political tactics.

Addressing the press, Dr. Hasan Mahmud criticized the senior joint secretary general of the BNP for briefing the media from hiding, likening it to the leaders of a banned organization. He argued that orchestrating arson attacks and causing harm to people based on such directives is incompatible with democratic politics. The government, he affirmed, is resolute in stopping such harmful politics and will take legal actions against the perpetrators.

Turning to the upcoming election, Dr. Mahmud noted the participation of thirty out of forty-four registered political parties, creating a festive atmosphere around the poll. However, he expressed concern over BNP and Jamaat announcing blockade programs from undisclosed locations to disrupt the elections. Regarding discussions with Jatiya Party (JP), he clarified that the party is actively collaborating as an ally to strengthen the democratic process and constitutional progress of the country.


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