Rural poet Radhapad Roy

Attack on Kurigram Rural poet Radhapad Roy

A brutal attack has taken place on the renowned Poet Radhapad Ray (80) in Nageshwari, Kurigram district. He is currently undergoing treatment at Nageshwari Health Complex, as he sustained severe injuries in the incident. The incident occurred in Radhapad Ray's own village within the Upazila on Saturday (September 30th).

US visa policy pressure on independent journalism

The visa policy may also be applied to the Bangladeshi media - Journalist leaders consider the comments of US Ambassador Peter Haas as a pressure on independent journalism. They said this statement is an unwanted interference on the media. They also mentioned such a visa policy imposed on the media of an independent country as humiliating. After the implementation of the US visa policy aimed at free, fair, and peaceful elections in Bangladesh, US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter Haas said in an event that the media can also come under this policy. Various organizations of journalists and editors protested

Politics is heating up again

The politics of the country is heating up ahead of the 12th National Assembly elections. The ruling Awami League has announced not to go beyond the constitution on the election issue. On the other hand, the BNP is adamant in its unilateral demand for elections under a neutral, nonpartisan government, including the resignation of the government. In such a situation, two teams entered the field with continuous programs. The ruling party will hold rallies in and outside Dhaka till October 4. BNP will hold a road march and rally till October 3 to realize the demand. Which started on Tuesday with