Election Commission (EC)

Dhaka North and South City elections in January

Following the nationwide upazila elections, the Election Commission (EC) is gearing up for the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) elections. The countdown for these elections is set to commence in the first week of December, with the voting tentatively scheduled for January 2025.

Voting in 156 upazilas of the country today

Elections are being conducted today across 156 upazilas in Bangladesh as part of the second phase of the Upazila Parishad elections. This phase involves over 35.2 million voters who will cast their ballots at 13,016 centers. The government has declared a general holiday in the constituencies where elections are taking place, ensuring citizens can participate in the voting process. Bank Closures Bangladesh Bank announced that all scheduled bank branches and sub-branches in the polling upazilas will remain closed today. Additionally, regional offices of all banks will also not operate, ensuring

EC Aims to Boost Upazila Voter Turnout

The once vibrant polling festivals across the country have dwindled, replaced by an atmosphere of fear and coercion surrounding elections. What was once a joyful celebration of democracy in towns and villages has now become tainted by reports of terror, forced ballots, and abuse of power. Consequently, a profound sense of distrust has emerged in the management of the voting process. To address this pressing issue, the Election Commission (EC) has launched a series of initiatives aimed at restoring faith in the electoral system, particularly evident in the preparations for the upcoming Upazila