Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Modi is running 'school of corruption' in country

In a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the ruling party of running what he termed as a "school of corruption" in the nation. Alleging that Modi himself teaches under the subject of 'Entire Corruption Science', Gandhi

Tragic Events Unfold in Gaza - Lives and Hope Lost

The Gaza Strip, a region already burdened with strife and hardship, has recently witnessed devastating events that have left families shattered and hope extinguished. Among these heart-wrenching tales is the story of Father Shukri, a young Palestinian man, and the tragic fate that befell his family. Father Shukri's Tragedy Father Shukri, a resident of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, had been married for four years and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. However, tragedy struck when his family fell victim to the indiscriminate violence of war. During a night of intense conflict,

What priorities will Trump prioritize if re-elected?

Former First Lady Melania Trump recently spoke out in an interview with Fox News Digital, addressing her husband's potential re-election bid and outlining her priorities if she were to return to the Oval Office in November. Against the backdrop of former President Donald Trump facing legal challenges in a New York court regarding a money scandal case, Melania's statements offer insights into her vision and aspirations for the nation. Key Points from Melania Trump's Interview Focus on Safety and Welfare Melania emphasized that the safety and welfare of Americans would be her