No Terminal Exams for Class I to III Students

Tanzina Sheikh Roshni (3rd class student) in the picture.

Tanzina Sheikh Roshni (3rd class student) in the picture.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has announced a significant decision regarding the evaluation of students in classes I to III. According to Secretary Farid Ahmad, students in these classes will no longer be required to appear for the first and second terminal examinations starting from this academic year. Instead, their performance will be assessed continuously through an innovative app-based system.

Details of the Decision

Secretary Farid Ahmad stated during a press conference at the secretariat that the decision aims to alleviate the academic burden on young students. The government has developed an app specifically for evaluating the progress and performance of students in classes I to III. This app-based assessment method will allow for a more comprehensive and continuous evaluation of students' learning outcomes.

Rationale Behind the Decision

The decision to eliminate terminal exams for these classes underscores the government's commitment to providing a more student-friendly and holistic education system. By shifting towards continuous assessment through technology, the aim is to reduce stress on young learners and promote a more conducive learning environment. Additionally, this decision aligns with the ongoing implementation of a new curriculum at the primary and secondary levels, which began in 2023.

Implementation of the New Curriculum

It is worth noting that the new curriculum implementation process has been underway since 2023 and is set to be fully implemented up to class XII by 2027. This decision to eliminate terminal exams for classes I to III is part of the broader efforts to modernize and reform the education system in line with international best practices.

The government's decision to abolish terminal exams for students in classes I to III marks a significant shift towards a more progressive and student-centric approach to education. By leveraging technology and emphasizing continuous assessment, the aim is to foster a more holistic learning experience for young students while reducing unnecessary academic pressures. As the new curriculum continues to be phased in, such initiatives are expected to contribute to the overall improvement of the education system in the country.


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