3 more members of KNF arrested in Bandarban

3 more members of KNF arrested in Bandarban

In the aftermath of recent activities attributed to the Arakanese insurgent group, the Arakan Army, locally known as the Khyang National Front (KNF), law enforcement authorities in Bandarban district conducted a raid resulting in the arrest of three KNF members and a car driver. The arrests come amidst heightened

KNF Chief Coordinator Arrested in Bandarban

The Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has apprehended Cheoshim Bom, a key coordinator of the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), from his residence in Bandarban. The arrest was made on Sunday morning, marking a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat armed groups operating in the region. Details of the Arrest According to RAB-15, Cheoshim Bom played a pivotal role in the formation of the KNF alongside Royal Lin Bom. The duo, closely associated with KNF chief Nathan Baum, has been implicated in various activities linked to the armed group. Notably, Cheoshim Bom's residence

Terrorists arrested in Bandarban, weapons recovered

The Army Chief, Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed, has announced the successful arrest of terrorists in Bandarban during a joint operation by law enforcement agencies. This report provides details on the operation, including the arrest of suspects and the recovery of weapons, as well as the Army Chief's assurances regarding national security and peacekeeping efforts. According to Army Chief Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed, law enforcement agencies conducted a joint operation in Bandarban resulting in the arrest of suspected terrorists. The operation also led to the recovery of weapons, indicating