KNF Chief Coordinator Arrested in Bandarban

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

The Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has apprehended Cheoshim Bom, a key coordinator of the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), from his residence in Bandarban. The arrest was made on Sunday morning, marking a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat armed groups operating in the region.

Details of the Arrest

According to RAB-15, Cheoshim Bom played a pivotal role in the formation of the KNF alongside Royal Lin Bom. The duo, closely associated with KNF chief Nathan Baum, has been implicated in various activities linked to the armed group. Notably, Cheoshim Bom's residence was identified as the site for a crucial deal between KNF members and militant leader Shamim Mahfuz, involving the training of individuals associated with the militant outfit Jamaat Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya.

Context and Significance

The arrest of Cheoshim Bom comes amidst heightened efforts by security forces to dismantle the operations of armed groups in the region. Chief of Army Staff SM Shafiuddin Ahmed, in a press briefing held earlier in Bandarban, highlighted the ongoing efforts to tackle terrorism. The swift announcement of Cheoshim Bom's arrest by RAB following the army chief's statement underscores the coordinated approach adopted by security agencies to address security challenges effectively.

The apprehension of Cheoshim Bom, a prominent figure within the KNF, marks a significant breakthrough in the fight against armed insurgency in Bandarban. It reflects the determination of law enforcement agencies to disrupt the activities of militant outfits and ensure the safety and security of the region's residents. As efforts continue to counter terrorism and maintain peace, the arrest serves as a reminder of the ongoing commitment to safeguarding the nation against threats posed by extremist elements.


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