Challenges Faced by Smart Journalism

Role of Journalism in Smart Bangladesh

In the digital age, information flows ceaselessly, shaping our perspectives, decisions, and the very fabric of our society. For Bangladesh to thrive as a smart nation, it is imperative that journalism evolves alongside, delivering accurate, insightful, and responsible reporting. Smart journalism not only empowers citizens with knowledge but also

Danger of big earthquake in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a densely populated and geographically vulnerable nation, has long been on the radar of seismologists and disaster preparedness experts due to its susceptibility to earthquakes. Recent signs of seismic activity and the accumulation of energy in the tectonic plates beneath the country have raised concerns among experts. This article explores the impending threat of a 7 to 8-magnitude earthquake in Bangladesh and the urgent need for comprehensive preparedness measures. A Silent Warning The tectonic plates beneath Bangladesh have been quietly accumulating energy, setting the stage

How corruption affects development

Corruption can have a significant and detrimental impact on the development of a country or region. It affects development in various ways, including economic, social, political, and environmental aspects.  Here are some of the key ways corruption can hinder development: Economic Impact a. Misallocation of Resources: Corrupt practices such as bribery and embezzlement can lead to the misallocation of resources, diverting funds away from important development projects and into the pockets of corrupt officials or individuals. b. Reduced Investment: High levels of corruption can discourage