Precious metal gold price reaches record high in world market

Gold Rush: Understanding the Surge in Demand

In recent times, gold has captured the attention of various stakeholders, from central banks diversifying their reserves to individual investors seeking stability amidst economic uncertainty. This report delves into the factors driving the surge in gold prices, ranging from central bank purchases to individual consumer behavior. Additionally, it explores

Two billion dollar remittance came in March

In recent months, Bangladesh has witnessed significant inflows of remittances totaling approximately $1.99 billion in March, equivalent to 21,965 crore taka in local currency. These remittances play a crucial role in the country's economy, contributing to its foreign exchange reserves and supporting the livelihoods of many families. Remittance Inflow Analysis According to data from the Bangladesh Bank, remittances in March were channeled through various avenues, including state-owned banks, specialized banks, private banks, and foreign banks. State-owned banks received a substantial portion,

Padma Bank Announces Merger with EXIM Bank 

In a groundbreaking development within Bangladesh's banking sector, Padma Bank has declared its intention to merge with EXIM Bank, a Shariah-based institution specializing in export-import financing. The decision, made at EXIM Bank's board meeting, signals the first voluntary merger of its kind in the country, setting a significant precedent for future banking consolidation efforts. Chairman of EXIM Bank, Nazrul Islam Majumder, confirmed the decision following the board meeting, emphasizing that the merger signifies a strategic move towards enhancing the operational strength and efficiency