Rail coaches are being unloaded from ships at Chittagong port

the train came to Ctg port by sea ship

The train came by ship. Train means 15 coaches of the train came to Chittagong port by sea ship.

15 railway coaches suitable for running on broad gauge lines made by China have been released at Chittagong Port for use in the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project. A total

65-day fishing ban at sea from midnight

A 65-day ban on all types of fishing, including hilsa, is starting from midnight on Friday. However, at this time about 49 thousand registered hilsa fishermen of the district will be given 86 kg of rice according to the district fisheries department. According to the sources of the Fisheries Department, this ban has been imposed from May 20 to July 23 on the unrestricted breeding and preservation of marine fish. If someone hunts fish in violation of this law, the fishermen will be subjected to various fines or regular lawsuits. It has been seen on the surface, thousands of fishing trawlers