Boishabi Festival 2024 Celebrations

Boishabi Festival 2024 Celebrations in Khagrachhari

The vibrant and culturally rich Boishabi Festival commenced with great zeal and enthusiasm in Khagrachhari, marking a significant occasion for the diverse ethnic communities residing in the region. 

This three-day festival, deeply rooted in tradition, brings together people from various ethnic backgrounds to celebrate their heritage and foster unity.

All banks in Bandarban 6 upazilas are closed

Recent incidents of bank robberies have prompted authorities to take decisive measures in Bandarban, Bangladesh. Following the robbery at Sonali Bank in Ruma and subsequent incidents at Sonali and Krishi Bank in Thanchi, all banks across six upazilas in Bandarban have been closed. This decision aims to ensure the safety and security of banking personnel and customers in the affected areas. Only banks in Sadar Upazila will remain operational until further notice. Mr. Osman Gani, Deputy General Manager of Sonali Bank in Bandarban, confirmed the closure of banks in six upazilas. He stated that

MV Abdullah hostage sailors face food shortage

The Bangladeshi ship, MV Abdullah, which was hijacked approximately two weeks ago by Somali pirates, is reportedly facing a critical shortage of food supplies, prompting the pirates to bring provisions from the shore. The ship's owner, along with the Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers Association, has provided updates on the situation, emphasizing ongoing negotiations and efforts to ensure the safety of the crew. MV Abdullah, a Bangladesh-flagged vessel, was en route from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates when it fell victim to piracy on March 12, 2024. At the time of the hijacking,