MV Abdullah hostage sailors face food shortage

MV Abdullah hostage sailors face food shortage

MV Abdullah hostage sailors face food shortage

The Bangladeshi ship, MV Abdullah, which was hijacked approximately two weeks ago by Somali pirates, is reportedly facing a critical shortage of food supplies, prompting the pirates to bring provisions from the shore. The ship's owner, along with the Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers Association, has provided updates on the situation, emphasizing ongoing negotiations and efforts to ensure the safety of the crew.

MV Abdullah, a Bangladesh-flagged vessel, was en route from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates when it fell victim to piracy on March 12, 2024. At the time of the hijacking, the ship had a food stock intended for a 25-day voyage, indicating a precarious situation given the elapsed time since the incident.

The pirates, who have been in control of the ship for the past 16 days, have been sharing the remaining food with the crew. However, with supplies dwindling, they have resorted to bringing food from the shore to sustain both themselves and the hostages. This strategy mirrors past instances of piracy involving Bangladeshi ships, such as the case of MV Jahan Moni in 2010, where food supplies were similarly provided by the pirates during the hostage period.

The Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers Association, particularly its president, Captain Anam Chowdhury, has been in regular communication with the crew aboard MV Abdullah. Efforts to negotiate with the pirates for a swift resolution are ongoing, with the ship's owning company, Kabir Group, actively engaged in discussions. Despite the challenging circumstances, there is cautious optimism regarding the prospect of reaching a resolution and ensuring the safe return of the crew.

While the situation remains precarious, it is reassuring to note that the crew members are reported to be safe and sound. However, the urgency of the matter is underscored by the dwindling food supplies aboard the hijacked vessel. Swift action is imperative to secure the release of MV Abdullah and its crew.

The hijacking of MV Abdullah underscores the persistent threat of piracy in certain maritime regions, highlighting the vulnerability of merchant vessels to such attacks. The collaborative efforts between stakeholders, including the ship's owner, maritime associations, and relevant authorities, are crucial in navigating through this crisis and ensuring the safe resolution of the situation.


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