Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud

government is serious about media freedom

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud stated that if any anti-state news or false and fabricated news is found in any newspaper or online portal, appropriate measures will be taken to address it.

On Thursday, in response to a question from Ahshanul Islam Titu in the National Parliament,

No election was questioned during the AL period

Parliament Leader and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that no election was questioned during the Awami League government. The people voted for in the election are elected. As a result, the Awami League government has managed to set a high standard in terms of elections. The government has already taken all necessary steps to make the upcoming parliamentary elections free, fearless, fair, impartial, and acceptable to all. He said these things in the question and answer scheduled for the Prime Minister in the National Parliament session today. Awami League party member Kazim Uddin Ahmed raised

A call to caution

The world situation may worsen

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that not only Bangladesh but also developed countries are suffering because of the Ukraine-Russia war, the global inflation due to sanctions and counter-sanctions, and the lack of fuel oil. In different countries, the use of energy is limited, and the use of electricity is limited. The price of every food item is increasing. Many people are losing their jobs in developed countries. Such an unusual situation is worldwide. It is difficult to say how long this unusual situation in the world will last. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said these things during the