Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

BNP carried out atrocities like Israel: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina delivered a valedictory speech during the parliamentary session, emphasizing the importance of maintaining democratic processes for Bangladesh's prosperity. She discouraged lodging complaints with foreigners, asserting that the country would forge ahead through internal democratic mechanisms.

Democracy and Parliamentary Fairness

Sheikh Hasina assured that the

District Administrators as Servants, not Rulers

The 'District Administrators Conference 2024' was organized by the Cabinet Division and held at the Oath Room of the National Parliament. The conference provided a platform for District Administrators to exchange views and discuss their crucial role in developing skilled human resources based on knowledge and science. The Speaker of the National Parliament, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, emphasized the unique role of district administrators as bridges between the people and the government. Attendees Speaker of the National Parliament, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury Chief Whip of

Social movement is needed to eradicate corruption : Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, addressing the parliament, emphasized the necessity of a social movement alongside law enforcement efforts to curb corruption in Bangladesh. Acknowledging the detrimental impact of corruption on the country's overall development, she stressed the need for coordinated initiatives to eradicate corruption from both society and the state. The Prime Minister reiterated her government's commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against corruption. She highlighted the inadequacy of relying solely on law enforcement and punishment, emphasizing the importance of a social