Bangladeshi film actor Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan nominated for UAE Golden Visa

In a significant milestone for Bangladeshi cinema, Shakib Khan, the reigning star of Dhaka's film industry, has been nominated for a coveted Golden Visa by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Culture. This prestigious recognition marks a first for a Bangladeshi actor, positioning Shakib Khan among the elite

Kazi Maruf: A Journey of Success and Disappointment

Kazi Maruf, a prominent figure in Bangladeshi cinema, has rapidly risen to fame through his remarkable performances on the silver screen. Despite his short stint in the industry, Maruf has etched his name in the annals of Bangladeshi film history with his talent and dedication. Early Life and Education Maruf's journey into the world of cinema began after completing his education. He excelled academically, passing his 'O Level' examination from Little Flower and 'A Level' from Master Mind. Subsequently, he pursued a degree in business education from the London School of

Dipjol-Misha Sawdagor panel wins BFAA election

In a stunning turn of events, the screen villains Misha Sawdagor and Dipjol have clinched victory in the fiercely contested elections for the Film Artists Association, defeating the incumbent Koli-Nipun panel. The results, announced by the Election Commission at 6:45 am on Saturday, revealed a significant shift in leadership within the association. Out of the 570 eligible votes, a total of 475 ballots were cast, with 434 deemed valid and 41 invalidated. Misha Sawdagor, a two-term president, secured a landslide victory with 265 votes, leaving Mahmud Koli trailing behind with 170 votes. Meanwhile,