Dipjol-Misha Sawdagor panel wins BFAA election

 Film Artists Association election

Film Artists Association election

In a stunning turn of events, the screen villains Misha Sawdagor and Dipjol have clinched victory in the fiercely contested elections for the Film Artists Association, defeating the incumbent Koli-Nipun panel. The results, announced by the Election Commission at 6:45 am on Saturday, revealed a significant shift in leadership within the association.

Out of the 570 eligible votes, a total of 475 ballots were cast, with 434 deemed valid and 41 invalidated. Misha Sawdagor, a two-term president, secured a landslide victory with 265 votes, leaving Mahmud Koli trailing behind with 170 votes.

Meanwhile, actor Monowar Hossain Dipjol emerged victorious in the race for general secretary, garnering 225 votes and surpassing Nipun Akhtar, who received 209 votes.

The new leadership lineup also includes Masum Parvez Rubel and DA Tayeb as Vice Presidents, with Rubel securing 231 votes and Tayeb clinching 234 votes. Other positions were filled by Arman as Joint General Secretary (237 votes), Joy Chowdhury as Organizing Secretary (255 votes), Alexander Bo as International Affairs Secretary (296 votes), Jackie Alamgir as Office and Publicity Secretary (245 votes), Mamnoon Hasan Emon as Culture and Sports Secretary (235 votes), and Kamal as Treasurer (231 votes).

The Misha-Dipjol Parishad saw nine executive members elected, including Sucharita (228 votes), Rozina (243 votes), Aliraj (239 votes), Subrata (218 votes), Dilara Yasmin (218 votes), Shahnoor (245 votes), Nana Shah (210 votes), Ratna Kabir (263 votes), and Chunnu (248 votes). On the other hand, Riana Parvin Poli (220 votes) and Soni Rahman (230 votes) were elected from the Koli-Nipun Parishad.

The polling, which commenced at 9:30 am at the Shilpi Samiti office of FDC amid tight security, concluded at 6:20 pm on Friday. Khorshed Alam led the election process as the Chief Election Commissioner, assisted by AJ Rana and BH Nishan as members.

The victory of Misha Sawdagor and Dipjol signifies a significant shift in the dynamics of the Film Artists Association, heralding a new era under their leadership.


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