Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister has returned to the country

After a 16-day official visit to the United States and the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has returned to the country. The Prime Minister's Deputy Press Secretary, Hasan Jahid Tusher, confirmed this information. 

He informed that on Wednesday at 12:20 PM, the Prime Minister and her travel companions

"No forgiveness for violence"

No forgiveness for violence, says Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated on Monday (October 2nd) in London's Taj Hotel during a civic reception organized for expatriates that there would be no pardon for violence committed in the name of a protest. She mentioned that if attacks are carried out on people in the name of protests before elections, they will not be spared. In the past, during the so-called movements, people were killed by setting vehicles such as buses, trains, and launches on fire. Sheikh Hasina said that in 2013-14, they instigated violence throughout

Everything about visa policy is exaggerated

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, 'We have not received the list of visa policies. Those that are happening, I think they are all exaggerated and not true. On Monday afternoon, he said these things when asked whether a list of those on whom the visa policy is being applied has been found in the secretariat. The Home Minister also said that if someone smuggles money out of the country and takes it abroad, the government will take action against them. There have been many reports that police officers have homes in the United States. When asked how the Ministry of Home Affairs views