Economist, Dr. Atiur Rahman

Moderate and reform-oriented budget

Dr. Atiur Rahman, Economist: It was not at all easy to deliver a balanced and forward-looking budget even in such an election year. In the past two years, first of all, we have had to deal with the shock of the Russian-Ukraine war without overcoming the shock of the

We need to increase our revenue collection

M Golam Charwar: We are approaching the end of the current fiscal year, and another new fiscal year is about to begin. We are facing pressure to increase revenue collection in the upcoming budget.  As per the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the loan, we need to collect more than 5% additional GDP as revenue in the coming fiscal year, beyond the normal revenue trends. In the previous fiscal year, the budget projected revenue earnings of 4 trillion 33 billion taka, out of which 3 trillion 70 billion taka was expected to be collected through the National Board

Farmer's Home-to-Home Loan Festival by AB Bank

Mia Monsaf: It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call the farmers of Bangladesh warriors of life. They are engaged in this battle at every step of their lives. A battle against scarcity and uncertainties in their households! A battle to save the crops produced from natural disasters! A battle to endure the oppression of NGOs and moneylenders!  Despite all these battles, farmers strive to survive. If a farmer finds a helping hand, it brings joy to their Eid. AB Bank Limited has provided agricultural loans to nearly one-fifth of the farmers in almost fifty districts of the country through