Dr. Abinash Chandra Mistry

Dr. Mistry wants to revolutionize agriculture and aquaculture

Dr. Abinash Chandra Mistry, an esteemed professor and scientist at Emory University in America, has emerged as a beacon of hope for the community of Burigoalini Union in Shyamnagar Upazila, Satkhira District, Khulna Division. His visionary initiatives, including the Hi-Tech Smart Integrated Agri and Aqua Farm project and the

Bangladesh is the biggest borrower of the World Bank

Bangladesh has secured its position as the largest borrower from the World Bank, with a significant portion of its loans channeled through the International Development Association (IDA). The country's borrowing pattern reflects its efforts to fund vital development projects aimed at addressing infrastructure needs, social welfare programs, and economic growth initiatives. This report provides an overview of Bangladesh's borrowing profile, including loan distribution among major development partners and the implications of this borrowing on the country's economy. Loan Distribution

Buyers are relieved as onion prices start to fall

The recent dynamics of onion prices in Dhaka markets have witnessed a significant shift, with prices dipping by Tk 30 or more per kilogram, attributed to an influx of the Hali variety and increased supply. This report delves into the factors contributing to the decline in onion prices, the impact on consumers and traders, and the implications for the market moving forward. Price Fluctuations and Market Dynamics The retail prices of onions in Dhaka have experienced a notable decrease, with reports indicating a drop of Tk 30 per kilogram. The market trend, which had been on an upward trajectory