Lux Centennial Celebration and Product Launch

 Zaved Akhtar, Chairman and Managing Director at Unilever Bangladesh

Zaved Akhtar, Chairman and Managing Director at Unilever Bangladesh

On the auspicious occasion of Lux's centennial celebration, Unilever Bangladesh, under the leadership of Zaved Akhtar, Chairman and Managing Director, hosted a memorable event to commemorate Lux's enduring legacy and introduce a groundbreaking innovation to the market. Lux, a brand synonymous with beauty and elegance since its inception in 1923, has left an indelible mark on consumer preferences worldwide. Its journey in Bangladesh began in 1964, enriching lives with its aura of grace and sophistication.

The centennial celebration served as a platform to honor the iconic figures whose paths intersected with Lux over the years. Their narratives resonated deeply, reflecting Lux's profound impact on their lives and careers. This collective reminiscence reinforced the brand's intrinsic connection with people's experiences, evoking a sense of nostalgia and gratitude among attendees.

Amidst the jubilation of Lux's rich heritage, Unilever Bangladesh introduced an innovative addition to the Lux portfolio. The unveiling of a new Lux variant enriched with vitamins C and E marked a significant milestone in the brand's journey. This breakthrough formulation promises flawless, radiant skin, setting a new benchmark in beauty standards. The product's launch reflects Unilever's commitment to continuous innovation and meeting evolving consumer needs.

Zaved Akhtar expressed immense pride in the collective efforts of the team and individuals who have contributed to Lux's enduring success. Their dedication and passion have propelled Lux to new heights, shaping it into a timeless emblem of elegance and excellence. As Lux embarks on its next century, Akhtar extends gratitude to all stakeholders for their unwavering support and commitment.

The Lux centennial celebration and product launch encapsulated a journey of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to consumer satisfaction. As Lux continues to touch lives and set benchmarks in the beauty industry, the event served as a testament to its enduring legacy and Unilever Bangladesh's vision for a brighter, more radiant future.


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