Telescope entrepreneur Fahad Al Farabi (16)

Teenager's Homemade Telescope Draws Crowds in Kurigram

In the remote region of Rajarhat in Kurigram, a remarkable teenager has captured the attention of locals with his ingenuity and passion for astronomy. Fahad Al Farabi, a 16-year-old student at Rajar Hat Pilot High School, has crafted a telescope dubbed NEKO-K-1, drawing admiration and curiosity from his community.

Bhurungamari arrested 7 people in multiple crimes

In a targeted operation, the Bhurungamari police station in Kurigram has apprehended seven individuals suspected of being involved in various criminal activities. The operation, conducted on April 18, was a concerted effort by law enforcement to crack down on crime in the area. The operation, spanning both day and night, resulted in the arrest of three individuals under general registration (GR) cases and four others based on warrants issued against them. The Bhurungamari police station has been vigilant in its efforts to combat criminal activities ranging from theft and extortion to extremism,

Wife dies after husband slaps her in Lalmonirhat

A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Lalmonirhat Aditmari Upazila, where a dispute between a husband and wife escalated tragically, resulting in the death of the wife. Lovely Begum, a housewife, succumbed to injuries allegedly inflicted by her husband's slap during a heated family altercation. The unfolding tragedy has left the community in shock and sorrow. The unfortunate incident occurred in the Taluk Khutamara Moktartari area of the upazila on Wednesday afternoon. Lovely Begum, the deceased, hailed from a family in Saptibari UP, while her husband, Jobaidul Islam, belonged to the same