Teenager's Homemade Telescope Draws Crowds in Kurigram

Telescope entrepreneur Fahad Al Farabi (16)

Telescope entrepreneur Fahad Al Farabi (16)

In the remote region of Rajarhat in Kurigram, a remarkable teenager has captured the attention of locals with his ingenuity and passion for astronomy. Fahad Al Farabi, a 16-year-old student at Rajar Hat Pilot High School, has crafted a telescope dubbed NEKO-K-1, drawing admiration and curiosity from his community.

Fahad's journey into astronomy began early in his childhood, fueled by a fascination with space and celestial bodies. Despite lacking access to expensive equipment, his determination led him to embark on the ambitious project of building his own telescope in 2023. Supported by his elder brother Fahmid Al Jaber, Fahad meticulously gathered the necessary materials, including PVC pipes, lenses, mounts, and mirrors, to assemble his telescope over three months.

The unveiling of NEKO-K-1 has sparked widespread enthusiasm, with locals flocking daily to witness the clarity and magnificence of the moon and sun through Fahad's creation. His telescope, weighing only 12 kilograms, boasts impressive capabilities, capturing scenes from distances of up to 3 lakh kilometers.

Speaking about his endeavor, Fahad expressed his lifelong dream of exploring space and his eagerness to share his passion with others. He emphasized his desire to make astronomy more accessible by offering telescopes at affordable prices, given the necessary support from the government.

Fahad's father, Zainul Abedin, recounted his son's journey with pride, noting how Fahad's dedication to crafting telescopes kept him engaged in constructive activities at home. Zainul highlighted Fahad's achievements in chess, where he competes at district and national levels, contributing financially to his telescope-building endeavors.

Echoing Zainul's sentiments, Fahad's friend Rafiul Islam Rabbi praised his dedication and positive influence, emphasizing Fahad's commitment to constructive pursuits.

Educators in Rajarhat also commended Fahad's initiative and creativity. Assistant teacher Md. Mizanur Rahman described Fahad as a diligent student with a keen interest in creative endeavors, while Upazila Secondary Education Officer Ms. Aisha Siddika applauded Fahad's commitment to nurturing his talents at home.

As Fahad continues to inspire his community with his homemade telescope, there is optimism that his passion for astronomy will not only deepen but also pave the way for more young minds to explore the wonders of the universe. With support from local authorities and institutions, Fahad's vision of making astronomy accessible to all may soon become a reality.


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