Film Artists Association election

Dipjol-Misha Sawdagor panel wins BFAA election

In a stunning turn of events, the screen villains Misha Sawdagor and Dipjol have clinched victory in the fiercely contested elections for the Film Artists Association, defeating the incumbent Koli-Nipun panel. The results, announced by the Election Commission at 6:45 am on Saturday, revealed a significant shift in leadership within

Speculation about Ariana and Larissa Bonesi

In the realm of celebrity gossip, the recent activities of Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi have ignited a firestorm of speculation regarding her possible romantic involvement with Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The rumor mill went into overdrive following a cryptic Instagram post by Larissa, leaving fans and online sleuths alike scrambling for clues about the nature of their relationship. The Cryptic Instagram Post Larissa Bonesi, known for her enigmatic social media presence, recently shared a mysterious Instagram post that sent the internet into a frenzy. The post

Ananta Jalil's bodyGuard's misbehavior angered fans

Ananta Jalil, a popular figure in the entertainment industry, recently inaugurated a showroom in the capital's New Market. However, the event was marred by allegations of misconduct towards fans by the hero's security personnel.  Reports surfaced on social media, with fans recounting unpleasant encounters with the security team. Additionally, previous incidents involving Ananta Jalil's behavior towards media workers have also raised concerns. During the showroom inauguration, several fans present at the event reported mistreatment by Ananta Jalil's security personnel.