OpenAI and Meta

Advancements in AI: Towards Reasoning and Planning

OpenAI and Meta, two leading players in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), are poised to release new models capable of reasoning and planning, marking significant strides towards achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI). This report explores the developments announced by both companies, their implications for the future of AI,

Google considering financial fees for search results

Google is reportedly contemplating the introduction of financial fees for certain search results. According to a report published in the Financial Times, the tech giant is mulling over the launch of a paid version of its search engine. This version would offer users access to search results enhanced by generative artificial intelligence (AI) in exchange for a monetary fee. This potential development marks a significant departure from Google's longstanding policy of providing free access to its search services. Historically, Google has funded its operations primarily through advertising revenue

YouTube deleted 1.5 million videos from Bangladesh

In the past three months, YouTube has taken stringent measures against policy violations by removing over 150,000 videos uploaded from Bangladesh. The platform cited various reasons for the removal, including extremism, nudity, spam, and non-compliance with child-friendly standards. This action was disclosed in a report by Dismisslab, highlighting the platform's ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and appropriate environment for its users. Extent of Removals Globally, YouTube has deleted more than 9 million videos during this period, with India leading in the number of removed videos.