English Poet Sujit Halder's Struggle and Call for Support

English Poet Sujit Halder'

English Poet Sujit Halder'

This report aims to shed light on the life and struggles of English poet Sujit Halder, who hails from a poor family in the Porakatla village of Shyamnagar upazila in the Satkhira district of Bangladesh. It also highlights his plea for government support to retrieve his academic certificates and overcome financial challenges.

Sujit Halder, born into a humble family, faced financial hardships from an early age. His father, Haricaran Halder, works as a farmer, while his mother, Sheela Rani Halder, is a housewife. Despite financial constraints, Sujit displayed talent and passion for poetry, which was nurtured during his academic journey.

Sujit's educational journey began with elementary education at Kabi No. 164 Paschimparakatla Primary School. He pursued secondary education at a Middle School and completed his higher secondary education at Munshiganj Degree College. He furthered his studies by obtaining a Diploma in Agriculture from Khulna Khan Jahan Ali University of Science and Technology. Despite financial challenges, Sujit pursued his academic aspirations and completed Honors in Political Science from Khulna Khan Jahan Ali Adarsh College and a Masters in Political Science from BL (Brajlal) College.

Despite his academic achievements, Sujit's poetic talent has been hindered by financial constraints. He has been unable to retrieve his academic certificates from college due to financial limitations, and his current occupation as a day laborer in farming reflects the challenges he faces in pursuing his literary aspirations.

Sujit has authored several books during his academic life, including two poetry books. Notably, his United Nations Poem Book on World Peace has been published in Bengali, and another book has been published in English. His poetry reflects diverse themes such as Bangladesh, University of Dhaka, United Nations, Education, Human Race, Eiffel Tower, Amazon Jungle, and Sad Pictures. The inclusion of the United Nations Anthem in his works showcases his commitment to global peace and harmony.

In light of his struggles, Sujit Halder appeals for government financial support to retrieve his academic certificates from college. He believes that with government assistance, he can overcome financial obstacles and continue his literary pursuits with renewed vigor.

Sujit Halder's story exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity and underscores the importance of supporting talented individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. By extending assistance to retrieve his academic certificates, the government can empower Sujit to fulfill his literary aspirations and contribute to the cultural and literary landscape of Bangladesh.


  1. The government should consider providing financial assistance to Sujit Halder to retrieve his academic certificates from college.
  2. Organizations and individuals interested in promoting literature and supporting talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds should extend support to Sujit's literary endeavors.

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