Bhurungamari arrested 7 people in multiple crimes

Bhurungamari police station in Kurigram

Bhurungamari police station in Kurigram

In a targeted operation, the Bhurungamari police station in Kurigram has apprehended seven individuals suspected of being involved in various criminal activities.

The operation, conducted on April 18, was a concerted effort by law enforcement to crack down on crime in the area. The operation, spanning both day and night, resulted in the arrest of three individuals under general registration (GR) cases and four others based on warrants issued against them.

The Bhurungamari police station has been vigilant in its efforts to combat criminal activities ranging from theft and extortion to extremism, cybercrimes, drug offenses, violence against women, and disturbances to public peace. This proactive approach underscores the commitment of law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of the community.

Confirming the details of the operation, Bhurungamari Police Inspector (Investigation) Abdullah Al Mamun affirmed the veracity of the arrests.


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