Highest record of 66 rivers in Kurigram District

268 River search in Rangpur

268 River search in Rangpur

Rivers are the lifelines of any region, offering a myriad of ecological, economic, and cultural benefits. In Bangladesh, the Rangpur Division is blessed with a significant network of rivers, contributing to its natural beauty and sustenance. Recently, a comprehensive study led by river researcher Mahbub Siddiqui and Professor Tuhin Wadud from Begum Rokeya University unveiled intriguing insights into the riverine landscape of the division.

Key Findings

The study revealed that there are a staggering 268 rivers coursing through the eight districts of Rangpur Division. Among these, Kurigram District boasts the highest count with 66 rivers, followed closely by Panchagarh District with 46 rivers. Other districts also exhibit considerable river presence, with Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Gaibandha, Rangpur, Nilphamari, and Lalmonirhat featuring 32, 21, 16, 34, 33, and 20 rivers respectively.

Research Collaboration

On Sunday, March 31, Mahbub Siddiqui and Professor Tuhin Wadud presented their findings to Additional Divisional Commissioner Abu Zafar. The event witnessed the participation of notable figures including Sarkar Haider, Khairul Islam, and Chaomun Patwari Supta, emphasizing the collaborative effort involving Heritage Rajshahi, Riverine People, Begum Rokeya University, and other stakeholders.

Scope for Further Investigation

While the study provides a comprehensive overview, it acknowledges the dynamic nature of river systems. Mahbub Siddiqui emphasized that the current count may not be exhaustive, hinting at the possibility of more rivers awaiting discovery. He advocated for the publication of a complete list, underscoring the urgency of river conservation efforts.

Cross-Border Rivers and Official Records

Dr. Tuhin Wadud highlighted discrepancies in the list of cross-border rivers within Rangpur Division. While official records cite 18 transboundary rivers, the study suggests the actual count could surpass 50. This crucial information has been shared with the National River Protection Commission and the respective Deputy Commissioners for further action.

Contrasting Records

It's noteworthy that previous records from the Water Development Board in 2011 listed 84 rivers, which significantly contrasts with the recent count of 268 rivers. Similarly, the National River Protection Commission recorded 131 rivers in 2023, indicating the evolving understanding of the region's hydrography.

The comprehensive study conducted by Mahbub Siddiqui and Professor Tuhin Wadud sheds light on the rich tapestry of rivers within Rangpur Division. As the findings underscore the need for diligent river management and conservation efforts, it calls upon governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to collaborate in preserving these invaluable natural resources for future generations.


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