Bhutanese Ambassador to visit Kurigram Economic Zone

Ambassador of Bhutan, Rinchen Kuensil

Ambassador of Bhutan, Rinchen Kuensil

Ambassador of Bhutan, Rinchen Kuensil, embarked on a two-day visit to Kurigram to explore the potential establishment of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Bhogdanga Union of Sadar Upazila. The proposed economic zone near Syed Fazlul Karim Jamia R. Islamia Madrasa at Bhogdanga Dharla was the focal point of the visit on Sunday, March 10.

Key Attendees

  1. Ambassador of Bhutan, Rinchen Kuensil
  2. BEZA Executive Chairman, Shaikh Yusuf Harun
  3. DG Chamitesrin of the Department of Industry, Bhutan
  4. Chip Trade Officer, Keenle Yangjon
  5. Counselor of Bhutan Embassy in Dhaka, Jikrel Tasrin
  6. BEZA General Manager (Financial Budget), Sheikh Md Yobaid Hossain
  7. Kurigram District Commissioner, Mohammad Saidul Arif
  8. Kurigram District Police Superintendent, Al Asad Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam
  9. Kurigram Municipal Mayor, Kaziul Islam
  10. Bhogdanga UP Chairman, Md Saidur Rahman

During the visit, Ambassador Rinchen Kuensil expressed optimism about the initial designation of the economic zone. He emphasized that the establishment of the economic zone would not only benefit Bhutan but also contribute to the employment and economic development of the people of Bangladesh. The Ambassador highlighted that the activities in the area were already in progress.

Local Perspective

Local residents, such as Md. Abdul Aziz, acknowledged the potential of the economic zone in creating new jobs, particularly for the poor and unemployed individuals in Kurigram. The locals expressed their eagerness for the activities to commence promptly.

Administrative Update

Kurigram Deputy Commissioner, Mohammad Saidul Arif, provided insights into the land allocation process. A total of 133.92 acres of Khas land belonging to Madhavaram Mauza of Bhogdanga Union has been handed over to BEZA, with a proposal to acquire an additional 86 acres of land. The strategic location, proximity to key ports and power stations, makes the area suitable for economic development. The Deputy Commissioner highlighted the potential for educational and cultural growth alongside economic development.

The establishment of the economic zone in Bhogdanga Union holds significant promise for fostering stronger business relations between Bangladesh and Bhutan. Additionally, it is expected to invigorate the activities of the Sonahat land port and contribute to the overall economic advancement of Kurigram. As efforts continue, the collaboration between the two nations in this venture is anticipated to yield mutually beneficial outcomes.


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