All banks in Bandarban 6 upazilas are closed

Robbery: All banks in Bandarban 6 upazilas are closed

Robbery: All banks in Bandarban 6 upazilas are closed

Recent incidents of bank robberies have prompted authorities to take decisive measures in Bandarban, Bangladesh. Following the robbery at Sonali Bank in Ruma and subsequent incidents at Sonali and Krishi Bank in Thanchi, all banks across six upazilas in Bandarban have been closed. This decision aims to ensure the safety and security of banking personnel and customers in the affected areas. Only banks in Sadar Upazila will remain operational until further notice.

Mr. Osman Gani, Deputy General Manager of Sonali Bank in Bandarban, confirmed the closure of banks in six upazilas. He stated that the decision was made in response to the recent robberies and to mitigate security risks faced by bank employees and customers.

Ruma Bank Robbery: On April 2, 2024, at 9:30 pm, Sonali Bank in Ruma Upazila was robbed by members of the Kuki Chin National Front (KNF), a separatist armed organization. The armed group not only looted the bank but also kidnapped the bank manager and confiscated weapons from police and Ansar forces present at the scene.

Thanchi Bank Robberies: On April 3, 2024, around 1 pm, robberies occurred at Sonali and Krishi Bank in Thanchi. The armed perpetrators surrounded the market area, fired blank rounds, and stole mobile phones from several individuals present in the vicinity.

The closure of banks extends to six upazilas in Bandarban, including Ruma, Thanchi, Rowangchari, Alikadam, Lama, and Naikxyongchari.

Authorities are expected to implement enhanced security measures in the affected areas to prevent further incidents of robbery and ensure the safety of residents.

The recent spate of bank robberies in Bandarban has raised concerns regarding security and law enforcement in the region. The closure of banks in affected upazilas underscores the need for immediate measures to address security challenges and safeguard financial institutions and their patrons. Efforts by law enforcement agencies to apprehend the perpetrators and restore normalcy in the region are paramount to restoring public confidence and ensuring the resumption of banking services in the affected areas.


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