Assured of speedy rescue of hostage sailors

The owner of the ship MV Abdullah is the hostage

The owner of the ship MV Abdullah is the hostage

The owner of MV Abdullah, a ship seized by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, has provided reassurance to the families of the 23 sailors held hostage. Amidst ongoing efforts to secure their release, top officials of Kabir Group of Industries (KSRM) convened with the families in Chittagong, offering assurances of a swift and safe rescue operation.

During a meeting held on Saturday, officials from Kabir Group of Industries (KSRM) met with the families of the hostage sailors and shared an Iftar meal together. The families were urged to remain patient as efforts continue to secure the release of their loved ones. The mother of one hostage sailor expressed gratitude for the assurances given by the officials, stating that they have been reassured of the ongoing efforts to ensure the safe return of the sailors.

Mizanul Islam, Media Adviser for Kabir Group, reiterated the company's commitment to bringing back the hostage sailors safely. Despite the challenges posed by the situation, Kabir Group is working tirelessly to facilitate the swift resolution of the hostage crisis and reunite the sailors with their families.

The incident occurred on March 12 when MV Abdullah, belonging to Kabir Group, was hijacked by Somali pirates while sailing in the Indian Ocean. The ship, now located off the coast of Somalia, has since been a source of great concern for the families of the 23 sailors on board. Following the incident, family members met separately with ship owners, but this meeting marked the first time all families were convened together to receive assurances directly from the owner.

As efforts to secure the release of the hostage sailors continue, the reassurances provided by the ship owner offer a glimmer of hope to the families awaiting the safe return of their loved ones. With the commitment of Kabir Group and ongoing diplomatic efforts, there is optimism for a swift and successful resolution to the crisis, bringing an end to the ordeal faced by the sailors and their families.


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