RAB arrests 50 teen gang members in Dhaka

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

In a recent operation, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has successfully arrested 50 members associated with juvenile gang groups in the areas of Jatrabari and Keraniganj in the capital city. The arrests were made as part of an extensive crackdown on criminal activities, including theft, robbery, extortion, fighting, and attempted murder. Additional DIG Mohammad Farid Uddin of RAB-10 provided details of the operation during a press conference held on Wednesday, February 21.

According to Captain Farid Uddin, the operation specifically targeted the growing menace of juvenile gangs involved in a range of criminal activities. The arrested individuals were found to be associated with various teen gang groups, and during the operation, law enforcement recovered a cache of weapons, including 17 knives, 5 large spears, 1 switch gear knife, 1 regular knife, 1 chapati, 1 Chinese axe, and 1 electric shock machine from their possession.

Captain Farid Uddin highlighted the alarming rise of teen gang culture across the country, emphasizing that juveniles are increasingly engaging in criminal activities such as domination, extortion, theft, robbery, drug trade, vandalism, and even murder. The patterns of their crimes are evolving, presenting a challenge for law enforcement agencies. The focus of these juvenile gangs appears to be on dominating neighbourhoods, posing a threat to public safety.

The RAB official assured that the organization is committed to addressing and eradicating the menace of teen gangs. He emphasized that ongoing operations and intelligence surveillance will persist to curb the rise of juvenile delinquency and ensure the safety of communities.

It was revealed during the press conference that 15 of the arrested individuals have multiple cases against them in various police stations, including charges related to theft, robbery, extortion, drugs, weapons, rape, and attempted murder.

The successful operation conducted by RAB to apprehend 50 youth gang members is a significant step in combating the escalating issue of juvenile delinquency and criminal activities. Law enforcement's commitment to ongoing surveillance and operations underscores the urgency of addressing this emerging threat to public safety. As efforts continue, it is hoped that such operations will contribute to creating safer communities and deterring the rise of teen gang culture in the country.


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