3 more members of KNF arrested in Bandarban

3 more members of KNF arrested in Bandarban

3 more members of KNF arrested in Bandarban

In the aftermath of recent activities attributed to the Arakanese insurgent group, the Arakan Army, locally known as the Khyang National Front (KNF), law enforcement authorities in Bandarban district conducted a raid resulting in the arrest of three KNF members and a car driver. The arrests come amidst heightened security measures in response to recent incidents of violence and theft perpetrated by the KNF.

Arrests: Three members of the KNF and a car driver were apprehended in a raid conducted in Bandarban's Room and Police Upazila. Bandarban's Additional Superintendent of Police, Hossain Mohammad Raihan Kazemi, confirmed the arrests, although he refrained from disclosing the identities of those apprehended. Further details regarding the arrests are expected to be released later.

Security Measures: In light of recent KNF activities, security arrangements have been intensified across Bandarban district. Law enforcement agencies have bolstered their capabilities, including deploying armored vehicles, to ensure the safety and security of the region. The heightened security measures aim to prevent further incidents of violence and safeguard public institutions and infrastructure.

Impact on Banking Services: The recent surge in KNF-related incidents has led to disruptions in banking services in Bandarban district. The closure of banks in Ruma, Thanchi, and Roangchhardi upazilas has resulted in long queues of customers at the main branch of Sonali Bank in the district center. The disruption in banking services has caused inconvenience and increased hardships for residents.

Recent Incidents: On April 2 and 3, KNF militants reportedly looted a bank and a police station, seizing 14 weapons from law enforcement agencies. The brazen acts of violence have prompted law enforcement authorities to register multiple cases in Rumai and Thanchi upazilas in connection with the incidents. The authorities are actively pursuing investigations into these cases to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The arrests of three KNF members and a car driver in Bandarban, along with the heightened security measures, underscore the ongoing efforts of law enforcement authorities to address the security challenges posed by insurgent groups like the KNF. However, the disruptions in banking services and the recent incidents of violence highlight the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents of Bandarban district.


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