Certificate Sale Syndicate Uncovered in Dhaka 

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective (DB) Police

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective (DB) Police

A recent operation conducted by the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective (DB) Police has unveiled a sophisticated certificate sale syndicate led by AKM Shamsuzzaman, a Senior System Analyst at the Technical Education Board of Bangladesh. This syndicate, operating for several years, has been involved in the theft and sale of thousands of original certificates and blank copies of marksheets from the Technical Education Board.

Initial Arrest: Shamsuzzaman and his accomplice Faisal Hossain were apprehended during raids conducted in Mirpur and Agargaon areas of the capital, Dhaka. The arrests were part of a larger operation aimed at dismantling the certificate sale syndicate.

Evidence and Recovery: During the arrests, law enforcement officials recovered a significant quantity of illegal original certificates, tools for making marksheets, computers, laptops, printers, and hundreds of forged certificates and transcripts. The recovered items point to the extensive operations of the syndicate.

Media Exposé: Recently, Jamuna News uncovered further evidence implicating members of the syndicate in Dhaka, Chittagong, Pabna, and Kishoreganj. This led to heightened scrutiny and subsequent arrest of Shamsuzzaman.

Press Conference: Harun-or-Rashid, Additional Commissioner (Detective) of DMP, held a press conference where he highlighted the detrimental impact of such activities on the educational system. He emphasized the importance of ensuring fairness and equality in educational outcomes.

Ongoing Investigation: The DB Police are actively investigating the involvement of other officials from the Technical Education Board in the syndicate. The extent of complicity within the organization is yet to be determined.

Shamsuzzaman, leveraging his position as a Senior System Analyst at the Technical Education Board, exploited his access to sensitive information regarding exam registrations, roll numbers, and examination outcomes. Using this data, he and his associates manufactured and sold counterfeit certificates and marksheets to individuals seeking fraudulent credentials. The syndicate also utilized official passwords and authorizations to upload fake certificates onto the education board's website, enabling global verification.

The uncovering of the certificate sale syndicate led by AKM Shamsuzzaman sheds light on the vulnerabilities within the educational system of Bangladesh. Such illicit activities not only undermine the integrity of educational qualifications but also perpetuate discrimination and unfair advantage. The ongoing investigation underscores the need for stringent measures to combat corruption and safeguard the credibility of educational institutions.


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