Terrorists arrested in Bandarban, weapons recovered

Army Chief, Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed

Army Chief, Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed

The Army Chief, Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed, has announced the successful arrest of terrorists in Bandarban during a joint operation by law enforcement agencies. This report provides details on the operation, including the arrest of suspects and the recovery of weapons, as well as the Army Chief's assurances regarding national security and peacekeeping efforts.

According to Army Chief Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed, law enforcement agencies conducted a joint operation in Bandarban resulting in the arrest of suspected terrorists. The operation also led to the recovery of weapons, indicating the potential threat posed by the apprehended individuals.

Addressing journalists in Bandarban on Sunday, April 7, the Army Chief provided insights into the operation and its significance. He emphasized the commitment of law enforcement forces to maintaining peace and security in Bangladesh. Additionally, he reiterated the clear directives from the Honorable Prime Minister to take necessary actions for the well-being and sovereignty of the nation.

Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed expressed confidence in the ability of the Bangladesh Army to handle the situation effectively. He assured the public that peace would prevail, and terrorists would find no sanctuary within Bangladesh. Furthermore, he pledged unwavering support to implement the directives of the Prime Minister, ensuring the safety and security of the country and its citizens.

The joint operation against terrorists in Bandarban underscores the government's proactive stance in combating terrorism and maintaining law and order. The successful arrest of suspects and the recovery of weapons highlight the efficacy of collaborative efforts by law enforcement agencies. With the assurance of the Army Chief and the determination of the security forces, Bangladesh remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding peace, sovereignty, and national security.


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