Voting in 156 upazilas of the country today

Upazila Parishad election of the second phase

Upazila Parishad election of the second phase

Elections are being conducted today across 156 upazilas in Bangladesh as part of the second phase of the Upazila Parishad elections. This phase involves over 35.2 million voters who will cast their ballots at 13,016 centers. The government has declared a general holiday in the constituencies where elections are taking place, ensuring citizens can participate in the voting process.

Bank Closures

Bangladesh Bank announced that all scheduled bank branches and sub-branches in the polling upazilas will remain closed today. Additionally, regional offices of all banks will also not operate, ensuring that both employees and voters can participate in the elections without hindrance.

Election Details

The voting process, which started at 8 am, will continue until 4 pm. Voters will elect candidates for the positions of chairman, general vice chairman, and reserved vice chairman. Election equipment, including ballot papers, has been distributed to all centers, including remote areas such as the inaccessible Char area of Bhola.

Security Measures

To ensure a smooth and secure election, a significant number of law enforcement personnel, including the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), and other forces, have been deployed. Each plain polling station will have a deployment of 17 security personnel, while vulnerable centers will have 19. In more remote and hilly areas, the number of deployed forces is higher.

One executive magistrate will be stationed in each union to oversee the election code of conduct. Additionally, judicial magistrates have been deployed in the upazilas since yesterday and will remain on duty for five days, covering the period before and after the elections. Executive magistrates will also accompany mobile and striking forces, particularly with each BGB mobile team.

Postponement Notice

It is notable that the Election Commission (EC) postponed the elections in Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila in Moulvibazar district following a court order. The elections for all positions in this upazila will be rescheduled as per post-election instructions.

All preparations for the second phase of the Upazila Parishad elections have been completed, with the Election Commission and law enforcement agencies working in coordination to ensure the elections proceed without incident. The involvement of judicial and executive magistrates aims to maintain order and adherence to the election code of conduct, underscoring the significance of this democratic exercise in Bangladesh.

This report encapsulates the key details and preparatory measures surrounding the second phase of the Upazila Parishad elections, providing a comprehensive overview of the event and its significance.


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