15 pens recovered from the stomach of a young man

named Motaleb Hossain (40)

named Motaleb Hossain (40)

Surprised? That's true. A doctor has removed 15 pens from the stomach of a young man named Motaleb Hossain (40) through endoscopy in Shahjadpur of Sirajganj. He has a few more pens in his belly.

Motaleb Hossain is the son of the deceased Abdur Rahman of village Attardag of Khukni Union of Shahzadpur Upazila of Sirajganj. He was going to one doctor after another with pains and ailments. But there was no solution. In the end, the matter was diagnosed at Shaheed M Mansoor Ali Medical College Hospital in Sirajganj and 15 pens were removed from the young man's stomach.

The family members said that Motaleb Hossain had a stomach ache in 2006. At that time two iron pieces were removed from his stomach.

Dr. Head of Surgery Department of the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Zahidul Islam and Dr. Aminul Islam Khan removed these pens through endoscopy without surgery.

At around 10 o'clock on Saturday night, the director of Shaheed M. Mansoor Ali Medical College Hospital, Saiful Ferdous Muhammad Khairul Ataturk, said that he was a mental patient. At different times, he picked up the pens from the road and ate them thinking they were food. He is currently under treatment in the hospital.

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