Don't want an election that deepens the crisis

Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana

Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana

Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana emphasized their commitment to avoiding elections that could lead to new crises in the country.

Addressing journalists at the Election Commission (EC) office on Wednesday, Rasheda expressed her belief that conducting a fair election is a moral imperative for the commission.

She referred to the election on February 15, 1996, noting its outcome was short-lived due to the tumultuous circumstances under which it was held. This led to the necessity for a subsequent election, as the previous one was deemed unacceptable.

"Our goal is to avoid elections that might trigger another crisis. We aim for elections that will result in a stable government. History shows us that when governments are temporary, it leads to turmoil. Therefore, our focus is on conducting fair elections," Rasheda stated.

She further mentioned that the EC is prepared to address any instances of electoral misconduct, including suspending voting at affected polling stations if needed. The commission maintains oversight of the polling process and has worked to ensure a favourable environment for the elections.

Rasheda expressed optimism that the upcoming election would be conducted freely and fairly, and in a celebratory atmosphere.


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