said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

The next election will be free and fair

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

"The upcoming election will be fair, accurate, and impartial," said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Speaking at a dialogue titled "Conversation with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina" at the Raffles Hotel in Dhaka on Wednesday (May 24), she commented on the upcoming elections in Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated, "Under our government, elections will undoubtedly be fair and accurate. I am here to ensure the voting rights of our people. It is the people who will decide who will govern the country. This is the power of the people, and I want to ensure their power."

She further added, "I have come here not to seize power but to give the people their rights so that they can choose their government."

Referring to some parties' unwillingness to participate in elections, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned, "They wonder how they can participate because the country suffered a lot during their time. Our people suffered, and during that time (under the BNP regime), there were terrorism, corruption, nepotism, and exploitation everywhere. They never stood by the people. It was very difficult for our people to have a meal a day. That was their condition."

Sheikh Hasina, the President of the Awami League, said, "When their party comes to power again, they have ensured everything for the people. So now, the election is the right of the people. People can understand now. If they vote for us, I will be here."

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated, "Think about the US presidential election, Trump has still not accepted the results. What can they say now? Those who want to send observers can send them. I am here to ensure the democratic rights of my people, the right to vote, and it is our struggle."

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