RCC Success in Vitamin A Plus Campaign

Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC)

Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC)

The Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) achieved a 100 percent success rate in the National Vitamin A Plus Campaign-2023, conducted on Tuesday, mirroring the success observed in other parts of the country.

During the day-long campaign, a total of 65,385 infants received vitamin 'A' capsules. Among them, 8,867 infants aged between six to 11 months were provided with one blue-coloured 'A' capsule each, while an additional 56,518 infants aged 12 to 59 months received one red-coloured capsule.

Dr. FMA Anjuman Ara, Chief Health Officer of RCC, reported that the program ran smoothly from 8 am to 4 pm without interruption at 384 centres throughout the city. However, centres situated in ward councillor offices extended their operating hours from 8 am to 8 pm.

In addition to the permanent centres, 43 mobile units were deployed for the vitamin campaign. A total of 768 health workers were stationed at these centres to ensure the proper administration of the capsules. Before the campaign, these workers underwent training to contribute to the campaign's success.

Dr. Anjuman Ara Begum emphasized that the Vitamin A Plus Campaign aimed to eradicate night blindness and prevent child fatalities resulting from malnutrition. She highlighted the crucial role of vitamin 'A' in supporting normal visual system functioning, cell growth, red blood cell production, immunity, and reproduction.

The supplementation also plays a significant role in reducing mortality rates associated with diarrhoea and measles. Dr. Begum further explained that successful implementation of the campaign can prevent and treat various issues, including eyesight problems and night blindness. The vitamin 'A' plus supplement is also instrumental in mitigating the severity and duration of illnesses related to pneumonia and diarrhoea, aligning with guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommending the commencement of vitamin 'A' supplementation for children at the age of six months.


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