Today, Dhaka is the sixth most polluted city

polluted city Dhaka

polluted city Dhaka

Dhaka is sixth on the list of polluted cities on Saturday. But even today the air in Dhaka is 'unhealthy'. Dhaka's Air Quality Index (AQI-Air Quality Index) score is 155 at 12:00 am. Dhaka was second on the list of polluted cities on Friday. AQI score was 166 that day. 

To address the pollution issues in Dhaka, several initiatives are needed:

Improved Public Transportation: Expanding and improving public transportation systems, such as buses, trains, and metros, can reduce the reliance on private vehicles and help decrease vehicular emissions.

Sustainable Urban Planning: Implementing sustainable urban planning practices can include creating green spaces, promoting mixed land-use development, and prioritizing pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to reduce congestion and pollution.

Strict Industrial Regulations: Enforcing stringent regulations on industries to control emissions and promoting the use of cleaner technologies can help reduce industrial pollution.

Waste Management: Developing efficient waste management systems, including waste segregation, recycling programs, and waste-to-energy initiatives, can minimize the environmental impact of waste and reduce pollution.

Air Quality Monitoring: Establishing a comprehensive air quality monitoring network to regularly assess pollution levels and identify sources of pollution is crucial for effective pollution control measures.

Promotion of Renewable Energy: Encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease air pollution associated with energy generation.

Public Awareness and Education: Conducting public awareness campaigns and educational programs to promote eco-friendly practices, such as responsible waste disposal, energy conservation, and sustainable transportation choices, can empower individuals to contribute to pollution reduction efforts.

Collaboration and Policy Support: Cooperation between government bodies, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders is vital for implementing and enforcing pollution control measures. Policy support through the formulation of strict environmental regulations and incentives for eco-friendly practices can also drive pollution reduction.

By implementing these initiatives, Dhaka can work towards reducing pollution levels and creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for its residents.

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