Moscow Bans 500 Americans Including Obama

Moscow Bans ‘500 Americans’ Including Obama

Moscow Bans ‘500 Americans’ Including Obama

Russia has banned '500 Americans' including former President Barack Obama. In this announcement on Friday night, Russia said that these Americans will not be able to enter Russia. Moscow imposed the ban in response to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the Joe Biden administration.

Among the victims of the ban are former US ambassador Jon Huntsman, several US senators, possible future chairman of the Joint Chiefs Charles J. Brown Jr., CNN journalist Erin Barnett, and Jimmy Kimmel.

The Russian Foreign Ministry justified the imposition of sanctions and said on its website that Washington should know that any hostile attack against Russia will not go without a strong response.

Russia did not specify the specific charges against the banned individuals. Moreover, it is not known what kind of problems these people will face other than entering Russia.

Source: CNN

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