Murad Jung's Festive Election Campaign

Talukdar Mohammad Towhid Jung Murad

Talukdar Mohammad Towhid Jung Murad

The local communities of Savar and Ashulia are actively involved in supporting Murad Jung's election campaign.

In the build-up to the twelfth national parliamentary elections, candidates in the Dhaka-19 constituency (encompassing Savar and Ashulia) are vigorously campaigning. Key figures in this race include the Awami League's nominee, Md. Enamur Rahman, alongside two influential independents - former MP Talukdar Touhid Jung Murad and Muhammad Saiful Islam, the general secretary of the Ashulia Thana Awami League.

Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman, serving as the Deputy Minister for Disaster Management and Relief, is in the fray with the 'boat' emblem. Contrastingly, Talukdar Touhid Jung Murad, a former MP, is contesting as an independent with the 'eagle' emblem, and Saiful Islam is vying for votes under the 'truck' emblem.

The election campaigns of all three contenders have successfully attracted considerable crowds in Savar, with each candidate confident of their prospects for victory. The anticipation among the voters and the general public is palpable as they await the elections scheduled for January 7th, hoping for a transparent and fair process. Many are speculating that the independent candidates, particularly Murad, might bring surprising outcomes on election day.

Talukdar Touhid Jung Murad, a prominent figure in this election, previously won the ninth national parliamentary election in 2008 under the 'boat' emblem. His subsequent distancing from his party, following his association with Sohel Rana, the owner of the ill-fated Rana Plaza, led to him being sidelined for the tenth and eleventh parliamentary elections.

Absent from the political scene after the tenth parliamentary election, Murad has now re-emerged as an independent candidate with the 'eagle' emblem, having been denied the 'boat' emblem by his former party.

Murad recently conducted his first public meeting in a decade at his residence in Shimultala, located near the Dhaka-Aricha Highway, marking a significant moment in his campaign. Addressing his supporters, he passionately questioned his alleged involvement in the Rana Plaza disaster, emphasizing his non-involvement in the tragedy.

Since then, Murad has been actively engaging with local residents in various locations within Savar and Ashulia.

After receiving the symbol, he has been participating in public relations every day in different oligos of Savar and Ashulia constituencies since Tuesday.

Talking to the locals, it is known that Murad Jang did not commit any crime. He is a kind man. The common people of Savar and Ashulia want change and Murad Jung is their choice as a servant. Some say that the people of Savar and Ashulia will reciprocate Murad Jung's love on January 7.


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